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Ofer Mizrahi is a unique talent on today’s international music scene. Primarily a self-taught musician, his distinct style—an inspired fusion of Indian, jazz, Turkish, Balkan, Caucasus and Israeli—is a reflection of his nomadic life and passion for the visceral beauty of sound.

During his career as a professional guitarist, Mizrahi has engaged in numerous collaborations including Ester Rada; Riff Cohen; Middle Eastern singers Yoav Isaac & Zehava Ben; the Middle Eastern fusion group, Andralamoussia; The Turbans and many others. He has performed in India, the Middle East and Europe .

This desire to express an intersection of instruments and sounds led him to design his own guitar – “The Whale Guitar” (a modified version of the Indian slide guitar, combining acoustic and electric sound), Built by Boaz Elkayam and Gabrial Saar.

Mizrahi continues to expand his musical repertoire—he has been studying with Pt. Budhadev Das Gupta, one of the India’s masters of Hindustani music.

“Hindustani music is a spiritual journey for me. I have to remain calm, expressive and creative yet work within precise melodic boundaries and rhythmic rules.”

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